We want to leave our mark on our city and the world!

Mission og nødhjælp i Nepal


Donations go to Grace Bible School, which educates and trains approximately 30 students each year. Over 85 churches have been planted by graduates of the bible school. 
In addition, Kirkecenteret has paired with AKO to provide emergency aid and other services.


Back in 1995, Kirkecenteret Vejle began working together with AKO to provide emergency aid within Romania. Since 2001, the main focus has been on supporting six church plants, and three Roma congregations are also on the way. 

Mission og nødhjælp i Rumænien
Mission og nødhjælp i Sri-Lanka

Sri Lanka

Donations from Kirkecenteret Vejle go primarily towards two purposes: running a bible school in Moratuwa which educates and trains both Sinhalese and Tamil students; and supporting church planters who are working alongside an existing church in the area.


Moldova is Europe's poorest nation. Here, we support the Danish missionaries Charlotte and Johannes Petersen and their organization, "Pilgrim International." Gifts from Kirkecenteret Vejle help to fund a home for girls and young women which focuses on educating about and preventing human trafficking.

Johannes og Charlotte Pilgrims international
Mission og nødhjælp i Grønland


Funds sent to Greenland are used to support a home church in Uummannaq as well as a local Christian radio station which streams 12 hours of music and preaching over the internet daily. These Christian shows are produced in Nuuk and are aired all over Greenland.

Kirkecentret Vejle takes part in both diaconal and evangelical ministry.

We are better together than we are apart

Therefore, we partner with other organizations to make the world a better place. 


The Apostolic Church Mission is part of the Apostolic Church of Denmark. AKM is active in missions as well as developing the local Apostolic churches of Denmark. AKM works together with these churches to send out missionaries across Europe, the Middle East, central and eastern Asia, South America, and Africa. 

AKO arbejder både i Danmark og flere andre lande rundt om i verden: Danmark, Rumænien, Moldavien, Ungarn, Nepal og Sri Lanka. Fokus i AKO har lige fra starten været omsorg for mennesker, der af forskellige grunde har brug for støtte, udvikling eller ny viden, for at kunne komme videre med livet. AKO arbejder med flere udviklingsprojekter, der kan skabe varig hjælp. Bland andet børnehospitaler, børne- og skolehjem, folkekøkkener, ældrecentre, børnehjem, børnehospitaler, hjælp til skoler og så meget mere. 

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