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Vejle Family Network

An opportunity for disadvantaged families

Who is invited?

"Familienetværket" (family network) is a special program for disadvantaged families where both parents and kids can come to unwind from the stress of everyday life. It is led by volunteer staff and is open to families experiencing unemployment, illness, loss, addiction, divorce, or other challenges that have had a negative impact.

Why participate?

Family Network is a great place to meet new people, make friends, and gain a new perspective on life. It's a way to combat loneliness and isolation by meeting and talking with people who are in similar situations.

Many families have found the strength to change their circumstances through participating in Family Network, whether that involves starting a new line of study, finding a job, overcoming addiction, resolving a conflict, getting out of debt, etc.

What does Family Network have to offer?

  • Fellowship and fun
  • Community
  • Shared meals
  • Activities for kids, youth, and adults
  • Personal, social, or financial counseling as needed

"Halløj i Parken" (Party in the Park)

An annual festival for the whole family

Since its inception in May 2014, Halløj i Parken has become an annual family-friendly event that signals the start of summer and offers a range of fun activities. It takes place each May at Vejle's "Byparken" (city park) and is cosponsored by AKBU. The festival offers a tangible way to show the church's support for the community and provide local families with kid-friendly activities. 

"Julehjælp" (Christmas Aid)

"Because everyone deserves a merry Christmas"

Julehjælp 2019

It is Kirkecentret Vejle's mission to reach out to families in need within Vejle municipality. We work together with Blue Cross and Rema 1000 in Vinding in this effort. Together, we provide "Christmas boxes" filled with all the ingredients for traditional Danish Christmas Eve and Christmas day meals. In addition, we partner with Rosborg Gymnasium to provide a gift for each child in these families.

When families come to pick up their boxes, we turn it into a full/blown party complete with food, music, and fellowship.

Families are selected to take part in the program via the Vejle Municipality or Blue Cross.

I 2020 forventer Kirkecenteret at kunne give julehjælp til mere end 100 familier.

Vestbyen Christmas Market

Næste gang: AFLYST I 2020 på grund af Corona.

Each year, the church hosts a Christmas market at the end of November to ring in the holiday season. Not only is it a great way to shop sustainably and affordably, but 100% of the proceeds go towards funding our Christmas "julehjælp" project.  

Come join the fun!

  • Purchase Christmas decorations and gifts, wreaths, blown glass art, and sweets
  • Take part in a lottery to win a brand new prize
  • Sip coffee and snack on sweets in the cafe
  • Stop by the kids' craft table

Tuesday Meetups (Bingo)

Open to everyone


Meeting the first Tuesday of each month at 4:00pm

Tuesday Meetups offer a fun afternoon of Bingo with great prizes. There is also a break for coffee, rolls, and good conversation.

If you'd like to learn more about Tuesday Meetups, please contact Bodil Viftrup at 30 42 99 51.

Have you read about our vision and values?

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