Vision and Values


Kirkecenteret Vejle is an apostolic church that dreams of planting and building a local congregation which is missional in nature and helps people understand and follow God's plan for their lives. We desire that, in fellowship with others, we can carry out the call to missions by planting and building vibrant, growing congregations everywhere.


En inkluderende kirke

An inclusive church

We hope that everyone feels welcome, no matter who they are

En missional kirke

A missional church

We want to have an impact in our town and around the world

En kirke i process

A church in progress

We love Jesus, and we challenge and encourage each other to live a life inspired by Him

En kirke bygget ved fælles indsats

A church built through joint effort

We contribute and serve God through unique gifts and skills

En kirke med sund karismatik

A charismatic church

We worship God and are open to experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit

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